Women’s Kickboxing

A unique program…
designed for women looking for something more effective, exciting, and ultimately worthwhile than the typical gym routine.

What is EMA?

A unique skills and fitness training methodology combining the most effective techniques from all combat styles: the self-mastery emphasis of traditional martial arts meets the real-world self-defense and pro-fighting effectiveness of “MMA”.

I wasn't a person who worked out. I had a hard time finding something that I wanted to go back to. After trying the kickboxing class, I was addicted. Now I'm doing what I never thought I could and I feel great!Angela Hall
Angela Hall
I've had a hard time committing to gym memberships my whole life. My biggest problem is getting to the gym and not knowing what to do the while I'm there to get the results I want. I tried kickboxing assuming it was going to be another thing I was going to pay for and not attend but after my first class I was hooked! I've noticed changes in myself physically, mentally,have so much more energy and it's a great way to let everyday stress go! One thing I am surprised with is days when I can't make it to class I actually find myself missing it! Honestly join for the best full body workout you will ever get!Jessica Allison
Jessica Allison
Before I started kickboxing I had almost no ambition or motivation to exercise. I tried a gym membership, never went. I tried a bootcamp, didn't see results. Then I tried kickboxing. One class and I was addicted! I'm motivated, I seen results fast and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. The instructor is the most inspiring individual I've ever met. He makes the workouts exciting and fun and I love every minute of it. I've been in kickboxing for over a year now and I don't ever want to stop. The more I learn, the more I love it. I'd recommend this class to anyone looking to get in shape and learn something meaningful while having a blast doing it!Jenny Asselstine
Jenny Asselstine
Combining the best of proven physical training with the best of martial arts technique, this class aims to give you something more than just another bootcamp;

it offers a means of personal expression and a reason to train in the first place.

This is not cardio kickboxing, in that you will not waste your time learning terrible technique in the name of fitness.

It is a program to be taken and treated seriously, but in a welcoming, supportive and enjoyable environment.

Fitness as a lifestyle, not a bootcamp

What is Different About the Fitness of a Fighter

No athlete in the world has to be in the sort of shape a fighter does, as they must possess every facet of fitness that can be developed.

In essence, the martial athlete cannot specialize in anything but the possession of the raw qualities that serve them beyond jogging and barbells.

They need to be strong/fast/agile/etc not just in theory, but against the active will of an opponent.

What this means for our students is that all of our programs are by their very nature fitness oriented.

The difference most will notice, however, between training for combat or for the sake of fitness is the focus of the student.

You will get insanely fit while you train, rather than spending your time training to get fit.

This is a huge difference, and is one of the main reasons why when you walk into a fighter’s class you will generally see a room full of fit people, while if you were to walk into a fitness class or mainstream gym and you will generally not. Fitness for the sake of fitness is not a strong or lasting motivator for most.